The Hub

Finding the balance between a rapidly changing world and a family-centric community is the challenge/opportunity we are facing today. We strive to inspire the members of our community to value themselves, their family and neighbors. Doing so will guarantee the hometown spirit that has defined our community will continue to flourish. The HUB community center will be the intersection between tradition and progress,while serving as a bridge between generations. Together, we an ensure that our community is a place where:

CHILDREN find countless opportunities to learn, explore, and achieve personal goals. Childhood should be an exciting time full of hope, wonder, and dreams.

TEENS have a safe environment with the comfort of knowing that people care about them and want to see them lead successful lives.

PARENTS benefit from having access to a network of support, collaboration and safety to help them raise wholesome families.

SENIOR CITIZENS have a place to walk, interact with younger generations and gain a sense of belonging, camaraderie and recognition that their life experiences and perspectives bring value to the community.

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